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Q: Is it legal to make potions of see invisibile.

A: No, the rules clearly state you cannot make potions of personal spells. "Spells with a range of personal cannot be made into potions."


Q: Can a summoned Efreeti grant wishes?

A: No, summon creatures cannot use spell like abilities that have 'expensive' spell components. "Creatures summoned using this spell cannot use spells or spell-like abilities that duplicate spells with expensive material components (such as wish)."


Q: Can I have a potion of barksin +5 and shield of faith +5?

A: Yes and No:  barkskin +5 requires 12th level caster so legal, sheild of faith +5 requires 18th level caster so NOT legal (see character creation "Expandable items (scrolls, potions, wands) have a level cap of 13th lvl.")


Q: Is it better to be super defensive or super offensive?

A: It is better to be super offensive.  If time runs out on a room you are dead.   Though you better have enough defensive power to survive the onslaught to be able to retaliate.


Q: My character likes to summon tons and tons and tons of creatures to do his bidding.  Will that work well?

A: Maybe, but watch the time limit.  Plus other players may kill you for taking 15 minute turns to their 2 minute turns. 


Q: Any suggestions or advice do you have for new players?

A: First just have fun. Second stay efficient.  Plan your turn before it is your turn.  Good use of your time and the time of the other players is the key to success.  Your PC does not have to win the battle every round.  Buffing is good, but too much buffing wastes your precious little time. 


Q: Are the rooms difficulty and time limits fair?

A: Short answer fair yes, easy NO.  All the rooms are beatable in their time alotted using just the pregens.  We play test the win scenario for every room.  None are impossible though some are insanely difficult and need just the right combination of PCs.