Note for DragonCon 2017: Brining in D20PRO ready made PC's (.CTR D20PRO PC Export file).  

It is highly recommended that players who want to bring thier own D20PRO PC's use the 3.6.11 build of D20PRO to create importable PC's with custom Abilities.  D20PRO 3.7 uses a new feature system, that while robust, is new and different from the legacy way of doing things.  The .CTR files (creature/PC files exported from D20PRO) will import tfrom 3.6.11 to 3.7 and keep the abilities tab with the entered data.  If you do create a PC using 3.7, be sure to have any custom feature/spell XML files avaiable for use by our CM's.  If the CM does not have it, it will not work in the game. (D20PRO 3.6.11 Installers)

Create the biggest, baddest 9th level PC; using the following rules.

The following is a list of books players are allowed to use:

Core Series:
Pathfinder Role Playing Game Core Rulebook (*)
Advanced Player’s Guide (*)
Advanced Race Guide (*)
Ultimate Magic (*)
Ultimate Combat
Ultimate Equipment
Bestiary 2
Bestiary 3
Bestiary 4
Bestiary 5
Bestiary 6 (*)
Villain Codex (*)
Gamemastery Guide
Pathfinder Unchained (*)
Occult Adventures (*)
Horror Adventures (*)

Pathfinder Adventure Paths (all volumes):
Carrion Crown
Council of Thieves
Ironfang Invasion
Iron Gods
Jade Regent
Mummy’s Mask
Reign of Winter
Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition
Serpent's Skull
Shattered Star
Skull & Shackles
Strange Aeons
Wrath of the Righteous

Pathfinder Campaign Setting:
Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom
Aquatic Adventures
Artifacts and Legends
Belkzen, Hold of Orc Lords
Book of the Dammed 1: Princes of Darkness
Book of the Dammed 2: Lords of Chaos
Book of the Damned 3: Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Castles of the Inner Sea
Chronicle of the Righteous
Cites of Golarion
City of Strangers
Darklands Revisited
Dark Markets: A Guide to Katapesh
Distant Worlds
Dragon Empires Gazetteer
Dungeons of Golarion
Faction Guide (*)
First World, Realm of the Fey
Gods & Magic
Guide to Darkmoon Vale
Guide to the River Kingdoms
Heart of the Jungle
Heaven Unleashed
Inner Sea Bestiary
Inner Sea Combat
Inner Sea Faiths (*)
Inner Sea Gods
Inner Sea Magic
Inner Sea Monster Codex (*)
Inner Sea Temples
Inner Sea World Guide (*)
Into the Darklands
Irrisen - Land of Eternal Winter
Isles of the Shackles
Land of the Linnorn Kings
Lost Cities of Golarion
Lost Kingdoms
Lost Treasures
Magnimar, City of Monuments
Mystery Monsters Revisited
Numeria, Land of the Fallen Stars
Occult Mysteries
Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs
Pathfinder Society Field Guide
Path of the Hellknight
Paths of Prestige
Planes of Power
Rival Guide
Seekers of Secrets (*)
Ships of the Inner Sea
The Great Beyond
The Worldwound
Tombs of Golarion

Pathfinder Player's Companion:
Advanced Class Origins
Adventurer's Armory (2nd edition)
Alchemical Manual (*)
Andoran, Spirit of Liberty
Animal Archive
Bastards of Golarion
Blood of Angels
Blood of Fiends
Blood of the Elements
Blood of the Moon
Blood of the Night
Champions of Balance
Champions of Corruption
Champions of Purity
Cheliax, Empire of Devils (*)
Cohorts of Champions
Demon Hunter’s Handbook
Dragon Empires Primer
Dragonslayer’s Handbook
Dungeoneer's Handbook
Dwarves of Golarion
Elves of Golarion
Faiths and Philosophies
Faiths of Balance
Faiths of Corruption
Faiths of Purity
Familiar Folio
Giant Hunter’s Handbook
Gnomes of Golarion
Goblins of Golarion
Halflings of Golarion
Harrow Handbook
Heroes of the Wild
Humans of Golarion
Inner Sea Primer
Knights of the Inner Sea
Kobolds of Golarion
Magical Marketplace
Melee Tactics Toolbox
Orcs of Golarion
Osirion, Land of Pharaohs
Pathfinder Society Primer
People of the North
People of the River
People of the Sands
People of the Stars
Pirates of the Inner Sea
Qadria, Gateway of the East
Ranged Tactics Toolbox
Sargava, the Lost Colony
Taldor, Echoes of Glory
Undead Slayers Handbook

(*) = this at the end indicates books with special rules at the bottom of the page

If you use anything that is not in the core books (Not in the Paizo PRD website) you MUST have a copy of the book with you at the table. See Important Rule 2 below for details.

Core rules online at:

Suggested Software Character Generation Tools:

Use Hero Labs character generation tool. Click here for instructions on how to Setup Herolabs for The Cheese Grinder. Then bring your character (.por and hld20Pro file) on CD or thumb drive and we can quickly store them in our database and import them to the game table you are assigned. Will save lots of time, and reduces the risk of getting disqualified because you messed up on your math.

If you have access to d20Pro feel free to import your herolab creature into d20Pro or enter by hand then export the d20Pro creature. This will allow you to ensure all values are correct, layout your attacks, add abilities that have effects, etc. Though we still need the .por file or your hand written character sheet for validation reasons.

Picking your Class(es):
You can be single classed or multi classed. Select one class as your favored class.

Picking your Race:
Using a standard race your character has 9 class levels.

Playing a Non-standard Race

Age, Height, Weight:
Age: You age must be between the minimum for your class (Adulthood + class requirements) and the maximum age of adulthood. You cannot advance your age past adulthood to get stat decreases or increases, or to gain or lose anything else.

Height & Weight: Must be normal height and weight for your race, no 6' tall halflings, 500lbs elves, 3' tall ogres, etc.

Choose Alignment:
Make sure your alignment fits your class(es). No lawful barbarians, or evil Paladins. If you had an alignment change in your characters career make sure you note this somewhere on the sheet. For instance a paladin who falls from grace. Or a rogue who redeems himself and is now a paladin.

Generating Stats:
Use the point buy system listed below; a 40 point buy (Cheesy Stats).

Stat Points
7 -4
8 -2
9 -1
10 0
11 1
12 2
13 3
14 5
15 7
16 10
17 13
18 17

Apply Racial Modifiers

Add stat increase points for 4th and 8th. Add Racial Hit Dice and class level to see if you get the 4th and 8th level bumps. If your racial hit dice and class level only add up to 7th you will only get one stat increase at 4th level.

Calculating Hit Points:
Max hitpoints for PC.

Traits: Pathfinder Traits
Pick 3 traits for your PC. (Two can be from the same area. Example(s): 1 social, 2 combat; 1 social, 1 combat, 1 racial; Cannot do 3 social)

Assigning Skill Points and Feats:
Select your feats for your character. Cannot take achievement feats.

Monster Feats: Only monsters can take monster feats. For TCG to be qualified as a monster your PC must selecte his base race from the Playable Monsters Table.

Calculate skill points, spend skill points.

Item Creation Feats:
No magic item creation feats will be used this year. Below is a rule for crafting poisons.

Poison Creation using craft Alchemy: 50% of base price (must have skill modifier of 10+ in craft Alchemy)

If second roll required (eq Alchemist making Sticky Poison): 70% of base price (must have skill modifier of 15+ in craft Alchemy)

Can only make poisons that have a specific price listed (cannot make Green Prismatic Poison for instance)

Alchemists (Class) May create Alchemical Items using the same rules as Poison Creation. Spontaneous Alchemy is NOT used in the Cheese Grinder.

Equipping your Character:
You have 62,000 gp to equip your character. (more than normal 9th level guys, because you are just that cheesy)

No more than 33,000 gp can be spent on any one item. Also the gp value of an item cannot exceed 33,000gp.

Expendable items (scrolls, potions, wands) have a level cap of 9th lvl.

No item, spell, ability, etc. can cause an 8th level or higher spell or spell like effect to occur (example: cannot use candle of invocation to case a Gate spell or planar bind a creature and have it cast a wish for you). This rule can only be broken by items, creatures, rooms, etc. inside the tournament provided by the tournament.

Use our Item Worksheet to keep track of costs and locations.

Feats, Traits, etc. that reduce cost or give more gold
You cannot take any feat, trait, etc. that reduces the purchase cost of item(s) or gives you any more gold. Examples: Noble Scion: Henderthane or Jeggare.

Equipment: You need to buy magical gear and mundane. If you do not have rope written on your character sheet you do not have any rope.

You CANNOT buy cursed items or artifacts.

No non-standard magic items(except for weapons and armor).

All Items bought must be bought fully charged, you may NOT buy partially charged items.

On your character sheet list the Gold Piece value of each item and which book it is from. Use abbreviations PFRG, PFBE, etc.

It is better to have 3,000gp left over then to spend 62,001gp and get DQ'd.

Spell Book Additions:

You get the normal allotment for free, but if you want more than the normal allotment follow these simple rules. (For instance the normal allotment for a wizard is 3+int mod + 2/level beyond 1st = 19+ int mod spells for an 9th level caster)

You can purchase scrolls and scribe them into your spell book. It is assumed your PC made its spell craft rolls

Example: A wizard wants to learn 5 first, 3 third, and 2 fourth level spells for his spell book. It would cost him the following:

5*(1*1*25) + 3*(5*3*25) + 2*(7*4*25)) = 125 + 1,125 + 1,400 = 2,650 gp to add the spells to his spell book

Spell Components: You do not have to buy the specific spell component for your spells, just have a gold piece total for bought spell components listed in your gear. Whenever you cast a spell that has a cost to the spell component just subtract that cost from the Spell Component total. For instance if you had 600 gp in spell components you could cast stoneskin twice (250 each casting) and you will have 100 gp left of components. So you cannot cast stone skin again. For Spell Focuses, buy them and list them on your list of equipment, since they are not used up. The spell component gold pile is for components that are used up.

Permanent Spells: If your PC is able to cast permanency (must have it in his spell list and be able to cast it) he may have two permanent spells cast on himself and himself only. List gold spent for the permanencies in equipment.

Summon Spells: It is the player’s responsibility to have all the stats ready when casting any summoning spell. The DM will ask you for the stats so that they can create the creature. If you do not have the stats ready the summoning spell fails.

Spell Memorization: For casters that have to memorize spells you must use one of our Spell Mem Sheet to keep track of what spells your character has memorized.

Animals, hirelings, mounts, cohorts, etc.:
A PC can bring with them any animal companion/eidolon/familiar/special mount their class allows. Use stats listed in Bestiary or other book for the average stats, this is for ability score, hitpoints, etc. (This includes hitpoints for the creatures, use average)

All PCs can bring one mount with them: riding horse, war horse, or riding dog. The mounts will use the basic stats from the BE, and the costs listed in the PFRG.

Hirelings, cohorts, undead under PCs control, golem under PC control, dominated creatures, awakened creatures, liveoak, spawn, etc. CANNOT be brought into the tournament with you. They can be created in a room but they cannot be taken to any subsequent rooms.

Hiring someone:
You may not hire somebody to do anything for your PC. This means no having a high level mage put an effect on you with permanency.

1. Only books allowed are a selection Paizo Pathfinder books listed above. You cannot use any book, supplement, website coolness, etc. that is NOT listed above.

2. If you use anything that is not in the core books (Not in the Paizo PRD website) you MUST have a copy of the book with you at the table. You can have a photo copy of the pages. A typed up copy will not cut it. Having a thumb drive with the pdf is ok as well, though be ready to let us read your pdf.

At any time the DM at the table may request to see your book(s), or a photo copy of the pages from the book that contains the class, feat, spell, or item that you are using. To Cover Our Butts: if you have a photo copy of the pages we will assume that you OWN the book and just photo copied it so you do not have to carry the book. We do not approve of breaking copy right(s) of any kind. If you do not have the proof with you, your character is instantly DQ’d

3. Read the Retired/Banned section below! We retire and ban things that go past cheesy and are down right broken for their level/cost/etc.

4. The DM will have final say on anything, right or wrong. Arguing with any staff members get you instantly DQ’d. You can question and discuss rulings in a respectful manner. We make mistakes too we are only human. We ALL just need to live with it. We cannot back up and do something over. Feel free to point out the error, our DMs will do our best to be fair, but the DMs have the final say on how something works. If you wish to “pitch a bitch” come see Wesley Lee (aka Oge’Xam, Gouda, Draziw, etc.) I will listen to your complaint and solve the problem.

5. Do NOT take our books. We will have a Pathfinders Guide and Bestiary for use at the Con, please do not take them away from the creation area.

6. Items, feats, classes, races, anything can be banned during the tournament if we determine it is beyond cheesy and right into broken. If you get something banned that is actually good for you, we are tipping our hat saying good job!

7. If you make it to the finals, the character you used to get your nomination is the character you will use in the finals. So keep track of all the characters you use by using a different name for each character. You can use the same name then number them. Bob, Bob II, Bob III, ... Bob XLVI (46).

8. No variant rules are used.

9. There are several different Cheese Points at the tournaments for purchase. They types of Cheese Points are not released until the day of the event, so people do not build their characters around the cheese points but have access to them to cheese out their fellow contestants.

10. Have Fun!!!

Pregenerated characters will be available. (They are solid, but not real cheesy).

Retired, Banned, Cheese Grinder Specific Section:

The following section lists all retired and or banned classes, races, items, skills, ect. that are not already listed above. This section will change as we determine it to change. It is a living document and can change up to and including the running of the tournament. Any changes that occur at the tournament will be posted; as well will there be a list of retired banned items.

Applies to all books:

  • Items, feats, skills, spells, classes, etc. that require Fame - not used
  • Items, feats, skills, spells, classes, etc. that require Prestige Points (PP)- not used
  • All firearms - Banned

Pathfinder Roleplaying Guide:

  • Ring of Blinking - Banned
  • Eversmoking Bottle -Banned
  • Leadership - Not used

Advanced Player's Guide:

Pathfinder Unchained:

  • Class Updated May be used for: Barbarian, Monk, Rogue and Summoner
  • Unchained Summoner Spell List MUST be used for ALL Summoners!!!
  • No other rules are used

Advanced Race Guide:

  • Chapter 1: Core Races: Can Use
  • Chapter 2: Featured Races: Can Use, use Level Adjustments under Playing a Monster
  • Chapter 3: Uncommond Races: Can Use, use Level Adjustments under Playing a Monster
  • Chapter 4: Race Builder: Not Used
  • Spells, Equipment & Magic Items: Any race can use a them, unless it states in the description it can only be used by a certain race.
  • Archtypes, Feats, Traits, Subtypes & Class Options : Can only be taken by that race

Ultimate Magic:

  • Arcane Discoveries: True Name - banned
  • Arcane Discoveries: Staff-like wand – banned
  • Words of Power - Not Used
  • Synthesis Summoner archetype - Banned

Inner Sea World Guide:

  • Pureblooded Azlanti - Banned
  • Goz Mask - Banned

Faction Guide:

  • May be a member of only one faction
  • Faction Resources: Not Used
  • Feats: Must be member of faction (assume you have plenty of Current and Total Prestige Points to qualify)
  • Magic Items: do NOT need to be member of faction
  • Spells: do NOT need to be member of faction
  • Traits: If faction named you MUST be member of the faction

Seeker of Secrets:

  • Resonant Powers - Banned

Cheliax, Empire of Devils:

  • Emergency Force Sphere - Banned

Occult Adventures:

  • Classes, archtypes, feats, spells, items - Can use
  • Occult Rules: Skill Unlocks, Auras, Chakras, Psychic Duels, Possesions, Occult Rituals - Not Used

Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition:

  • Fogcutting Lenses - Banned

Monster Summonners Handbook:

  • Alter Summoned Monster - Banned

Alchemist Manual:

  • Spontaneous Alchemy - Not Used

Strange Aeons

  • lightning gun magic item

Inner Sea Monster Codex

  • Site-Bound oracle curse

Inner Sea Faiths

  • Gyronna's obediences

Bestiary 6

  • Polymorph exclusions blight (any), euryale, green man, yig

Horror Adventures

  • blood alchemist archetype
  • Sacrificial Adept feat
  • Sacrificial Ritualist feat
  • black heart item

Villain Codex

  • diabolus bell magic items
  • eyes of the damned magic items